[A] [EU] [Argent-Dawn] LF a Chill Raiding & M+ guild

I’m a Fury Warrior Main looking for a chill, active guild to get into some casual raiding and M+ with; I did some raiding back at the tail end of legion and am now looking to get back into it for 10.1 and beyond.

Currently ilvl 390, but working on upgrades etc.

Any invites would be appreciated, cheers!

Hi Glyndwryn

Are you still looking for a guild at this time? we are looking for dps atm to fill a few spots, accepting new and rusty players as well :smiley: good group, normal/heroic raiding guild with a hint of mythic intro bosses. We raid 2 evenings per week , 2 hr sessions, easy on the eyes :smiley:

Contact me in Discord if interested Razorstorm#7563

Best regards