[A] [EU] Mirage Raceway <Void> is recruiting!

We are recruiting for our 25 man progress roster!

Void is formed by people who used to play in original tbc, so some of our members are irl friends, some of us played together in 2007

We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild, relaxed, no yellings, stress etc in raids, but we want everyone to be properly gemmed, enchanted and using consumables. Of course we expect a certain level of skills, but even some of our members are mediocre at that, we value their personality and attitude even more.

We use EPGP as lootsystem without loot council.

Raid days are:

Thursday: 20:00-23:00
Sunday: 20:00-23:00
Tuseday (only for progress) 20:00-23:00

We do 10 man raids on weekends

25 man 13/14 (3/9 HM)
10 man 13/14 (7/9 HM)

Please contact Diniva#9285 on discord for more info and a nice chat!

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