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Elwynn Foresters are an EU based English speaking Alliance guild, focussed on fostering a close community catering for all styles of play.

Want to go terrorise some Horde in world PVP? We were thinking the same thing!

Want to join a premade BG? Saddle up, let’s do this!

Got a life? Maybe a partner and kids you secretly resent and a rubbish job so can’t play as much as you’d like? We understand! We hate our lives too!

Want to raid with friends but have fun whilst doing it? So do we!

Need help getting attuned for the next raid? Teamwork makes the dream work!

We’re a bunch of active players that like to have a laugh whilst helping and supporting one another in pursuit of our gaming goals. We have been waiting patiently on looks around nervously for spies and snitches private servers for the release of classic wow and we’re super excited to get stuck in.

Why not come say hi on our friendly discord and see if you want to join us on our next adventure in Azeroth.



Less than 2 weeks and can’t wait now been waiting so long for this

We are currently looking for all roles btw whilst we do have a solid core of players. We are light on healing priests, warriors, rogues and warlocks especially.

A guild website will be going up soon and our discord is active as frost says

Hopefully we see some of you joining in disc if not thanks for reading and enjoy the game when it comes out


Just want to add that the guild is very social with alot of the members aged between 25 to 40. Everyone is very helpful and have a laugh on discord. If you aren’t into raiding or pvp then you are still very welcome.
We are also looking for people who have never experienced raiding wether it’s through inexperience or shyness, we would love to introduce you to it in a helpful manner.
Feel free to jump on discord and ask any questions of us.
Hope to see you soon
“Tag” classic warrior



Ive not used discord in ages but ive followed your link and its saying theres no text channels? have i mucked this up haha.

Anyway just wanted to have a chat as im looking for a good classic experience without much dedication as im a Uni student! just wanting to have a good laugh and experience the content as much as i can in my limited free time!






So you are Fun Guild ?


Hey Soaralba,

If you’re re struggling feel free to add me on battlenet. I’m OhUrDead#2117

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