[A] [EU] [Sylvanas] <Legend of Zelda> Social + Raiding guild recruiting all

Legend Of Zelda is a social/raiding English guild looking for both casual members as more experienced raiders. This combination of players makes a unique community with knowledge, progress, social and fun factors joint together. The goal of our guild is creating a nice, friendly family-environment for all players who help eachother out and have fun whilst doing it. Our current progress in raiding is 8/8 normal, 1/8 heroic.

We are currently looking for all classes to expand our community even further!

Whisper Halladriel, Blesslink, Xiyue or Looloox in game for an invite!

See you in game!

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i would love to join the guild. I just returned from a 1.5 year break. Can this guild be my home?

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