[A] [EU] <Utopia> Semi-Hardcore

Hello everyone.

We are an Alliance guild, with the main goal of cleaning the PVE content, and more.

We mainly raid 3 times a week (depending of the needs, a 4th raid can be added in the later stages of the game, especially to do the 20 man raids, probably the saturday afternoon).
Our raid days are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and our raid time is based on the CEST, or the UTC+1, from 9pm to 00h.
If you want a place as a member, you need to be present at least at 2 of the 3 raid nights, otherwise you’ll be consider as a casual member (you can still raid as a casual, but no priority).

We want to put a serious raiding environment (based on years of experiences, both in retail 2005 and private servers) where you need to get a decent gear, your enchants and some consummables.

But we also want to put a good ambiance into the guild, with stupid jokes and a true community, with sharing, trust and mutual aid as values. And we want to take our time to clean the content, not rushing anything, just enjoying the game and the community.
The community aspect will always prevail over the performance or progression.

If your main goal is world first, server first, speedrun, min maxing or a rush through the content to get a lots of loots, then our guild is not for you.

But if you are mature enough, have a decent level in english, and want to enjoy raiding with 39 others people, then you will definitely find a place here.

And we use a Loot Council system.

We are looking particularly for paladins, priests and warlocks, but if you are from another class, you can still give it a shot.

Right now, we have cleaned Ony and MC, in collaboration with another guild, but we will raid by our own as soon as it’s possible.
So you can join us, to get a place in our roster.

For more informations, you can directly send me a message in discord to zankaref#8445, or contact IG Zankaref, Zendik, Owok or Vegangirl.

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