[A-Event] Kaldorei Dance Night

Perhaps inspired by the recent events surrounding [Event] Shipwrecked Night Elves - Event Video! 📽 , in which fighters from Kalimdor set sail to aid Val’sharah with some foreboding trouble, an invitation could be spotted on the noticeboards in the night elf settlements of Kalimdor.

The unity of our kin, the enduring bonds that connect the kaldorei of Kalimdor and Val’sharah, is a cause for celebration. We invite you to join hands with us as we dance under the silvery moonlight, surrounded by the whispering leaves of the ancient forest.

The evening will be filled with enchanting music and mesmerizing dance routines. You will be treated to a delightful feast of traditional delicacies and drink. Share stories, laughter, and secrets of our respective homes.

You are encouraged to bring a hand fan featuring something of meaning to you, cluing something about ourselves as we connect. The fan shall be used for one of the dances.

Together, let us make this a night to remember, one of friendship between the kaldorei separated by ocean, but bound by history. We eagerly anticipate your arrival and look forward to dancing the night away with you.

[[Date and Location]]

With kind regards,
Druid Yleron and Priestess Daila Everdew

Date: Friday 27th October
Time: 20:00 Realm Time
Faction: Alliance
Location: On the banks of Grove of Cenarius

OOC Details

There was some interest in another dance event similar to [A-RP] Kaldorei Spring Dances , so let’s have one before more action-packed events arrive concerning the Emerald Dream!

The event celebrates unity between the kaldorei of Val’sharah and Kalimdor. It features 3 choreographed dances that include movement and emotes. They’re instructed step by step, and meant to be easy to follow along without practice. It’s no competition; just having fun as a group - imagine this akin to a Folk Dance party! The choreographies feature night elven themes.

The emotes used in the choreographies will be written in CAPS, for example: “One step forward! CLAP!” The dances are designed to be done with a dance partner, and people have time to find a dance companion at the start of the event during the feast and mingling. The dance partner roles won’t be gendered. People will dance both in line and circle formations.

Screenshots from Kaldorei Spring Dances hosted in April.

To help imagine the characters dancing, Watch2Gether website will be used for synchronous background music that will be played by NPCs In-Character. It’ll make things more atmospheric and immersive when you can hear the tempo and spirit of the songs used for the dances!

Link to event music, tune in at 20:30! https://w2g.tv/?r=3lubhwgvuo07cojtxw

Depending on the number of attendees, the pairs might be split into two groups taking turns on the dance floor. People are welcome to switch dance partners between dances.

Who is welcome?

Night elves and their trusty allies, such as dryads, worgen and draenei who work closely with them. The presence of Demon Hunters, Death Knights, Warlocks and other practitioners of dark magics such as the Void may be frowned upon In-Character, as the nature of their power is more shunned than celebrated among the kaldorei at large. Out of Character we merely hope people respect the event being a cheerful kaldorei party, and consider participating with a character that isn’t loudly abrasive toward their culture.


20:00 - Mingling, food and drinks

20:30 - Surprise entertainment - tune in to https://w2g.tv/?r=3lubhwgvuo07cojtxw for event music

20:45 - Final call for people to find a dance partner, after which the instructed dancing begins.

After the dances, there’ll be a raffle for those who took part in the guided dancing. The prizes will be in-character items, and the winner will receive artwork representing the item.

Following the raffle, people are free to use the space to dance in their own style, or to mingle around the area.

Useful AddOns

In case the event is crowded and the quick-paced dance instructions feel spammy, the Listener AddOn may come handy to help keep track of someone’s interactions with you.

The next Emerald Assembly - Closed by Meladriss happens also in Val’sharah, on Saturday 28th, please check it out!


As a new event feature, guests are encouraged to bring with them a hand fan that features something of meaning to the wielder, be that through the design, or materials used! The fan will be used for one of the dance choreographies, and hopefully helps spark conversation among the attendees.

Whether you’d like to illustrate the fan with words or visuals, hope you have fun with it! Google Images and Pinterest may provide quick inspiration for different aesthetics.


Seen some other players concept their character’s event outfits and fans, there’s still plenty of time to think about your own! A couple of weeks until dances roam a moonlit glade!


Here’s artwork some players have made/gotten for their character in anticipation of the event, wow! It’s by no means necessary to have visuals of one’s fan or outfit, but I wanted to share the passion involved, such wonderful designs!

Tarellia and Laineth, by Laineth

Illythandra by ixqvina

Letien by Bfporker

Syanae by Andhi Ayu


Hype hype hype!

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Can I be a wallflower?

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Yes, though you may have to withstand my plotting to make you the center piece…

Sweats nervously.

I’ll be there!


I (probably) won’t be able to attend but wish the rest of you luck and a good time.

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I return with RNG loot for the dance participants!

Like last time, when it’s time for the raffle, each participant will be assigned a number and I’ll /roll the winners.


This event happens tomorrow! I’ll host the event on a couple different characters, most of the time you’ll find me either on Kaitalos or Acrona. Quick schedule recap:

20:00 - Mingling, food and drinks

20:30 - Surprise entertainment - tune in to https://w2g.tv/?r=3lubhwgvuo07cojtxw for the audio & dance music afterward

20:45 - Final call for people to find a dance partner, after which the instructed dancing begins.

After the dances, there’ll be a raffle for those who took part in the guided dancing.

Another cool fan design to inspire! Kaldrinal’s peacock fan by _Bloodthorn - very bold and colorful!

Let’s dance! We look forward to seeing you there, celebrating unity between the kaldorei of Kalimdor and Val’sharah.


Sadly I forgot that server time is an hour ahead of me, so I likely won’t be there until 20.30 as I have putting kids in bed responsibility. But look forward to it all the same, and will sneak in!


No worries, a responsible dad is a cool dad! The dancing will begin closer to 21 server time anyway, and if anyone misses the first dance, they’re welcome to join the later ones.

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Cool! Now I just need to go outfit shopping.

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Related to the hand fans: In-game there exists a bug in which the off-hand item becomes invisible, so if you happen to get this, don’t panic, you’re not the only one it has happened to! I don’t know what causes it, but sometimes my off-hand item doesn’t show and relogging or re-transmogging doesn’t fix it. We’ll just imagine that it’s there. (I also wish the off-hands wouldn’t get sheathed every time you /say something. :grin: )

Edit: I didn’t have any profession gear on, and for the hecks removed both of my trinkets and to my surprise this might’ve fixed it as the fan shows up again. Wow!

Awesome event, I’ll be pendant gazing tonight :smiley: (thank you kindly for the art of it!!!)

And big thanks for all the efforts and hosting!

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Amazing event as always!

Here are some screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/e7UQQia


Glad you enjoyed the event!

Beautiful screenshots, thank you!

Overall I think the event went smoothly, big thanks to everyone who participated! We hope it was immersive with a night elven atmosphere.

Kudos to…

  • Laineth for the song number, based on Diana Ross’s “If we hold on together”
    Cover by Jess Anderson. The performance was wonderful with the audio!

  • Ryldor for practicing the dance choreographies with me, and being my characters’ dance partner on their druid.

  • Irawen/Marisol for helping plan and serve the feast!

And thank you Timen and Ymothir for taking so many screenshots of the event! Below pictures of the event by them and myself.

The event began with kaldorei cuisine and drinks.

Ancient Ymothir observed the revellers.

Priestess Daila Everdew welcomed the arrivals and thanked her Kalimdor kin for aiding Val’sharah in times of need.

Laineth performed a beautifully evocative song about holding on together.

Glowing lanterns illuminated the performance.

The first dance was called Revere, honoring Elune, Malorne and Cenarius after whom the grove was named.

More Ancients arrived, curious of the happenings at the grove.

For the second dance involving hand fans that people had brought along, the pairs were split into two groups taking turns on the glade.

The other group’s turn.

The third and final dance honored the legendary bear twins Ursol and Ursoc.

After the dances, those who took part in the rhythms had a chance to win a pendant from the raffle.

Thanks again, hope you had fun! Now we wish everyone exciting battles ahead, for the Dream is calling.


Very nice. I’ll make sure to be around for the next one.


Another thing I wanted to say about Acrona’s Kaldorei Dance Night events is how much I appreciate the playlists. I like elf- and medieval-themed fantasy music, and each event gives me a few more tracks to add to my own collection!