[A-Event] Kaldorei Dance Night 💃

Date: Friday June 7th
Time: 20:00 ST. The dancing itself will begin between 20:30-21:00.
Location: Amirdrassil
Faction: Alliance
Target audience: Night elves, but it’s fine for some of their closest allies such as worgen and dryads to come along. We’re aiming for a kaldorei atmosphere and thus characters that are in tune with their way of life.

Similar to the previous Kaldorei Dance Nights and the dances at the Alor’el Spring Festival (as well as the dances I organized at the Lakeshire Dance Night & Gilneas Masquerade Ball), the event features guided choreographies that include movement and emotes. They’re instructed step by step, and meant to be easy to follow along without practice. There’ll be 3 different choreographies.

The emotes used in the choreographies will be written in CAPS, for example: “One step forward! CLAP!” The dances are designed to be done with a dance partner, but don’t worry - we’ll try match people up should they be missing someone to dance with. The dance partner roles won’t be gendered.

To help imagine the characters dancing, Watch2Gether website will be used for synchronous background music that will be played by NPCs In-Character. It’ll make things more atmospheric and immersive when you can hear the tempo and spirit of the songs used for the dances! Link will be provided closer to the event.

There’ll be three dances (the specific dances may yet change):

  1. Faerie Circle (performed at the Alor’el Spring Festival)
  2. Fan Dance
  3. Night Chase (performed at the Alor’el Spring Festival)

You can see bits of Faerie Circle and Night Chase on video here. A dance or two may be performed on shimmering water this time.

Now that many people are familiar with this type of activity, the moves will be instructed at a tiny bit faster pace, but they should still be pretty easy to follow along without former experience.

  • Please also bring Enchanted Lantern (pet) to create a further magical ambience! We have a number of them to distribute at the event if you’re missing one.

Event location:


Another Dance Night! I remember the last one with the fans, it was pretty amazing to participate in! Excited for this :3


Wonderful! We’ll either repeat that same choreography, a variation of it, or have an all-new fan dance! Currently testing if I can smoothly configure something I found for an increased pose variety, but will keep it a surprise for the event!


A few weeks until the elves gather to exercise their formation skills.


Super excited for this! Now to find a matching outfit and fan combo…

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I can wear elongated ears and chatter endlessly about trees and the moons - you just watch me!

… no?

Oh well, I hope the dance is as dazzling as it surely sounds like it will be.


This happens on Friday, please remember to bring a hand fan as part of your transmog!


Will look forward looking at all the screenshots. These dance events have always intrigued me. The videos always display an insane amount of coordination! :dancer:

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If I glue a pair of turnips either side of the hat, that counts as being an elf right…?


:man_mage: :man_dancing: :musical_note:

(This looks magnificent, have fun! I can personally attest to the great joy that Acrona’s dance events bring!)


An update regarding the lantern pets; having tested all of them, the wisp-hued Enchanted Lantern looks best at the event locale, and hovers high enough above the characters for the dancing.

While not a must, it’d be great if most attendees had one of these floating around!

They go for about 1500-2000 gold on the Auction House, but got a bunch of them to pass around at the event too. Thank you Chaermi and Idalia for supplying the items, it’s going to look amazing!


Tonight we dance under starlight and Amirdrassil’s great boughs!

Final event check-list:

:dancer: Please bring a hand fan (transmog item) with you!

:izakaya_lantern: Please come with an Enchanted Lantern or whisper Acrona to obtain one at the event. It’s going to look good when there’s a lot of them floating around!

:alarm_clock: The dancing will begin after 20:30 server time. There’ll be preliminary drinks and snacks. In case of sharding and to share some OOC instructions, there’ll be a raid group for the event. You’re welcome to whisper Acrona 19:45 onwards for an invite!

:ocean: There’ll be an optional opportunity to perform on the water pool when we do the fan dance. We’ll provide water walking elixirs for it. If you feel bold enough to try this thoroughly sparkling experience, piece of advice not to have your camera angled too down if you’re used to mouse press to control movement/turns!

:musical_note: Music will be played during the event here on Watch2Gether (link also in Acrona’s TRP). In Character there’ll be a group of NPC bards playing at the edge of the glade.

:dancing_women: The event is Alliance only, aimed at night elves, though some of their allies such as worgen and dryads that work closely with them are also welcome to participate.

See you soon!

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Thanks for another amazing event, Acrona!

Here are some screenshots:




Thank you Lintian & everyone else for coming! It was great seeing such a turnout, and so many eager dance pairs. On the organising front, it was exciting for me to see how everything unfolded visually with the choreographies and items used!

Thank you Bratus (Ryldor) for rehearsing the choreographies with me in advance, and helping as a co-host. Also kudos to Idalia for crafting prisms for the event.

Here’s my pictures:

Mingling, food and drinks.

Words of welcome.

The first dance, Faerie Circle.

Practicing fan dance moves.

Many were ready to get their feet wet & to perform the fan dance on the pond.

A small break before the final dance.

Night Chase, performed under fireflies.

A spot of Bonk-Alore after the dancing concluded.

Cheers, and see you around!


Event write-up on the Argent Archives: