[A] <Evernight> is recruiting for 40 man raids

Hello there,

We are Evernight - a future raiding guild that’s looking for everyone interested in 40 man raids, all classes and levels. We provide experienced leaders, a cozy environment, english as official language, great talks and last but not least, great players. The guild is lead by a bunch of friends who cleared all content on Flamelash and rerolled here some weeks ago, when Flamelash reached 100% horde status and there was no alliance left.

If you happen to be new on Mograine or if you rerolled recently or even you happen to be a veteran player without a raid spot, consider this a golden opportunity for your character to get into this new progress raiding guild. Our loot system will be DKP and we plan to raid Wednesdays and Sundays late afternoons – evenings.

Therefore, if you are serious about raiding and want to be come part of our cure, whisper Argentums, Beluin or Thaum ingame for more information regarding the guild and our goals.


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