[A] Evernight is recruiting!

Hello there,

We are Evernight - a new raiding guild that’s looking for everyone interested in 40 man raids, all classes and levels. We provide experienced leaders, a cozy environment, english as official language, great talks and last but not least, great players. The guild is lead by a bunch of friends who are raiding together from 2005 and rerolled here recently.

If you happen to be new on Mograine or you happen to be a veteran player without a raid spot, consider this a golden opportunity for your character to get into this new progress raiding guild. Our loot system will be Loot Council and we’ll raid Wednesdays and Sundays 20:00 server time.

IMPORTANT : Our first raid is planned on Wed 22 January and we have big plans for it, to clear Molten Core on our own, without resorting to pugs.

Therefore, if you are serious about raiding and want to be come part of our cure, whisper Beluin or Thaum ingame for more information regarding the guild and our goals or join our Discord server and pm us there.



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We’d love to have you on board, so don’t miss this opportunity. Please keep in mind that this offer will not be available forever. Cheers boiz!

UPDATE: Roster is shaping beautifuly, soon recruitments will stop, first come, first served.

So don’t wait anymore and secure your raiding spot, fellas. Train will soon leave the station !!

Indeed. Feel free to /w ingame or PM on discord.

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