[A] Executos , Old hc raider lf guild for social mythic+

Hello everyone
I already play since vanilla with some stops in the middle.
Now that I’m back playing consistently and my current guild is dead, I’m looking for a new guild that makes mythic, raid, casual and social.
About me:
I’m from Portugal;
i did everything in tbc and wtlk harcore mode (8h day lol);
for professional reasons I didn’t do cataclysm;
The rest of the content did a bit of lfr with normal;
My ex main has over 300days playtime :stuck_out_tongue: ( hunter)

Nick: Intemporal
Nelf druid balance

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hello there :slight_smile:

We’re currently looking for a few more friendly folks for my guild The Forgotten Few on Arathor/Hellfire alliance side.

We do a fair amount of mythic plus in guild groups and raid to get the HC curve (mythic raiding’s not for us, not sure if you’re looking for that). But mainly its a nice close-knit community with friendly folks.

If thats what you’re looking for, theres a much better forum post here:


Good luck with your guild search!

Hey there, we’re a newly formed guild on Silvermoon and we are hoping to create a raid team! We’re a friendly, welcoming bunch who just like to have fun. Send me a message if we peak your interest :slight_smile:

Hey there, please add me for a chat.