[A] Exile 7/8 HC Vault Recruiting

Exile, an Alliance guild on the Magtheridon EU realm has been active in the raiding community for a number of years.

Initially a mythic raiding guild with many mythic kills to its’ name, Exile made the decision to focus on solely heroic progression due to the demanding work life of a lot of its’ members. This also enables players within the guild to maintain an active social life outside of World of Warcraft.

As of now, Exile is in need of fresh recruits to bolster the ranks within the raiding team.
Whilst we have a dedicated tank team, we are always looking for those who want to excel in the heroic difficulty.

Everyone who joins Exile, whether you’re a tank, healer, or dps, is required to have a dedicated off-spec of their choosing. This way we can ask players to fil a role that may be low in attendance on a raid day.

If you want to raid, and not have the stress of mythic difficulty, Exile may be the place for you.
If you would like to join our ranks or just ask for more information regarding the guild and what we do, feel free to message an officer/guild leader, or reply to this thread.

We are currently 7/8 in Vault of the Incarnates.

Guild Leader: Papalabraina
Officers: Abys, Tanithian, Adionis

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