[A] <Exile> - Core Raiding Team

Who are we?

Hello, and welcome to Exile we are a newly formed guild. We only raid 2 days a week and aim to clear all the content in Classic. Exile consists primarily of hardcore and semi-hardcore raid members.

What are our values?

We value dedication and team play in this guild, above all else.
If you are a player who only thinks of your own progression then stop reading. We are not interested in people half-assing their raid preparations.

We value appropriate attitude, but at the same time we value banter in this guild If you are a player who is toxic and have no patience for progression then you will not fit into this guild, we’re only raiding 6hrs a week and every hour counts. Toxicity won’t help us progress faster. Exile also has one of the best raiding and guild environments that you will ever come across. We will make you laugh, repeatedly.


Even though we are only raiding 6hrs a week, Exile management and our players all have a hardcore mentality. We expect you to gear your toon in dungeons outside raids, and the usual raid preparations (farming consumables, knowing the tactics of the boss encounter and knowing how YOU can maximize your performance so we can progress faster).

We value punctual players

Again we only raid 2 days a week. And we expect you to be there. We understand that might not always be the case because of real-life stuff. But we do expect you to let us know in advance. Unreliable players won’t last long here. Recruitment and Raid spots We do not ever recruit for the bench, if we accept you we believe there is a spot you can have, you are your own boss if you want a spot you earn it. We will trial you for (±) 6 weeks, it can be shorter or longer depending on you.

Raid Times
Thursday 23:00-02:00 (Realm time)
Saturday 23:00-02:00 (Realm time)

Message Note or Sammi in-game for more info.


Are you still recruiting? If so how can I contact you?

Get ready for your 8 week trial.

Hey there! Is the guild still active and recruiting?