[A] <Exiles of Fate> Looking to strengthen our roster

A brief history, Exiles of Fate was initially formed during Vanilla, sometime in 2004 and grew to be among the first raiding guilds on Zenedar EU, as far as getting realm firsts on numerous encounters throughout expansions. As expansions went by, the realm population started to dwindle to the point recruiting was too much to handle and eventually we had to throw in the towel.

As Classic launched, we gathered once more, bringing friends together, hoping we could forge a home of our own, shaping our guild into something most of us can indeed call home.
We believe a tight community is key in WoW, thus we’re looking for people that seek stability and making new friends.

We value a good atmosphere, where we can talk freely and joke around with each other. We are a very social group from all around the world, who loves a good banter.
For now, we have a core of old school players with plenty of raid experience and a dedicated leadership seeking to expand.

With that being said, as time went by, so our responsibilities grew, thus recreational time grew shorter and shorter, therefore we’ll try to be as efficient as we possibly can with our time and raid 2 days per week, from 20:00 to 23:30 server time. Would like to point out, that our raiding date/time is not set in stone and we can be flexible at times depeding on what the demand is.

As far as progression, we’ve cleared MC and Onyxia for a while now and looking forward to BWL and beyond.
We are interested in the following classes :

  • Hunter
  • Shadow Priest

Whisper us in-game Preston, Piano or Dreamscape or you could add us via Bnet iluminati#21870, Piano#21113, Dreamscape#2498.

Looking forward in hearing from you guys.


Updated the list of classes we are looking for.

Not sure if anyone is reading this, but i was in this guild in vanilla for a while, started in dragon legion, then silvermoon. I also used to pvp with janine, fantomka, bogdan? think we got rank 14 together at some point. I can’t remember all the names :stuck_out_tongue: if you’re out there, hope you’re doing good