[A] <Exodus> 25+ Smart but Casual Raiding

Exodus Is an Alliance guild for those of us of slightly more advanced years, with an aim to take part in casual raiding and group pvp.

We have transferred to Ashbringer from Dragonfang, where we created this home for players age 25+. We are drama free with no zooming, with mid week events and raids (Monday - Thursday) from around 20:30, so we have weekends free for family.

We have an awesome group of people here with no toxicity or min/max attitude… We are a fantastic and inclusive community with an amazing guild environment devoid of gamer chat.

We have regular guild events and arrange our own Karazhan 10 mans where we have cleared to Nightbane in our first week, we are now fine tuning our roster for 25 man raids.

Looking for a few more members to be part of this excellent group of people.

In preparation for 25 man raids we are looking to bolster our numbers of the following classes/ specs : -

Druids (all specs)
Holy Paladin
Shadow Priest
Enhancement Shaman
Warrior - Prot

Druids and Healers in general are high on the wanted list but we are not restricting recruitment yet so all levels and classes welcome, as long as you fit into the core ethos of the guild and are genuinely an all round decent and mature (in age) person!

Exodus discord is here https://. discord.gg/2P2Jpe9qNE

If you have any questions about the guild please message me, Vanzu, Needo, Nexaria or Venette in game.

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