[A] Experienced rdps andhealer looking for a HC raiding guild

hey everyone,

I’m a friendly druid looking for a PvE focused guild to join. I’ve been playing this game for over 10 years and has been raiding in the past 3 expansions. Unfortunetly due to some real life stuff I wasn’t able to play as much shadowlands as I wanted to these past few months. But now with more time on my hands I’m really excited about hopping back into the game and playing again.

If any HC guild is looking to bolster their ranks and add a new dps/healer I’d love to join. /w me ingame or leave a reply here if you’re interested.

Thanks in advance, Miladris :smiley:

accidentally posted it from my shaman so responding so you can see my druid :smiley:

Miladris in-game

hey, you can add me on bnet daniel33#2162 and we can talk there :slight_smile:

Hello there we have currently finished raiding but will pick raiding back up in 9.1 aiming to full clear Hc again as we did in this raid we are very friendly guild full of banter we are still doing m+ and on mondays pvp feel free to add me if your interested at all in joining Tack#21415

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