[A] <Fairy Garden> chill raiding

We are a small guild of mature wow veterans wanting to raid in a chill and friendly environment. Normal/Heroic raiding and mythic+ dungeons. No stress or unnecessary “tryhard” requirements. Your personality matters the most. Socials are welcome.

Raid times yet to be decided but Thursday/Monday 19.30 - 22.30 is on the table atm

Let us cultivate our garden.

Hi, my husband and I (WW/BM Monk and Resto Shaman) are looking for a guild like yours. We’ve been playing since Vanilla/TBC respectively and are after something a bit more easy-going these days. We’re mostly interested in Mythic+ but are open for most things!

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It sounds like you could fit in very well. Please whisper me in-game if possible.

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