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We’re a relaxed guild of mostly long time friends. Currently we are 5/10HC and 10/10NM.

We’re currently looking for a healer (disc/holy priest or rsham) as well as a mage to join our core raiding team, we raid monday & thursday 7PM ST.

We also run a lot of m+ and are hoping to get some nice teams together to push high keys.

We consider everyone for the guild even if you’re not part of the core team. Socials are more than welcome too!

You can add my battletag for more info: Melon#2829

Joined their raid group through matchmaking system to kill sludgfest and I gotta say it’s one of the nicest crowd’s I’ve seen so far in shadowlands.
Everyone listens to the rl and adapts quickly to tactic changes, calm comms during fight, most people pitching in with ideas on how the fight can be improved etc. +1 from me.

Thanks man, very kind words & we’d love to raid with you again.

Completely forgot about this post up until now to be honest. We’re still looking for a Disc priest, mage & some extra dps to fill up 20 man for some mythic hopefully. We’re currently 9/10 HC and still looking to fill these last spots! Our m+ players have also been growing so for those interested in that we’d love to welcome you too.

Edit: Scratch that, we downed Sire last night so have officially cleared HC! Now looking to fill our Mythic roster

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