A few bugs I have noticed

There’s some bugs/non-updated quests/text I have came across but there isn’t a way to report them using the support page in-game as it sends me to the US forums so I thought it would post it here and maybe it will be sorted?

I was given the quest “To Taanan!” which congratulates me on reaching level 100 which isn’t a thing anymore

Also, in the monk class order hall The text for Grandmaster armour kit says that I can change my order hall gear from Item level 162 to 163 which is quite high from the quish.

If we had an actual forum for bug reports and the support page didn’t direct us to the US forums where I can’t post I would have just sent in a report


Hello Ostricio,

Thank you for your report. Unfortunately, we are not able to process bug reports via the forum. Please make sure to report these following the steps below

Thank you!

thank you. I think I’m blind haha

It’s not just you - many people have had the same problem :slight_smile: