A few questions about PvP rewards

Hope this is a fitting subforum.

So, I have a few questions about (rated) PvP rewards:

  1. Are (rated) PvP mounts account wide? If so, does getting one faction’s vicious saddle mount reward the other faction’s opposite? For instance, if I own enough noobs to eventually get the vicious warsaber, do I get the vicious bonesteed on my Horde characters? Apologies if I got the mount names wrong, but you know what I mean.
  2. Also assuming PvP mounts are account wide: If I get this season’s pvp mount on one character, can I go straight for the vicious saddle if I do rated PvP on another character? Or will I have to fill the reward bar (sorry, Idk the official name) twice?
  3. Are PvP transmogs also account wide?
  4. The mage tower challenge artifact appearances have a recolor which you unlock upon winning 10 RBGs. My question about this is: say I have the mage tower appearance unlocked on one character, but I play my rated RBGs on another (of the same class of course, but which I didn’t do the mage tower on). Would that still unlock the recolor? Or do I have to do the RBGs with the character which directly unlocked the mage tower appearance?

Thanks in advance & sorry for any stupid questions.

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