A few questions with regards to Covenant swapping

  • If I change covenants do my current missions off the table of previous covenant get cancelled?

  • Can I upgrade other covenants and go back to previous covenant while it’s still upgrading?

  • Do general Followers [Meatball, Conan, etc.] carry over or would I have to earn them again via Torghast?

Currently sitting on 190k anima, already got everything with the Kyrians off Vendors and Rares… still got to do the achievements to get a follower to 60 and the mission table Campaigns. >_<

Missions get cancelled when you swap. Very annoying but I imagine it was to prevent you having four covenants on the go at once.

I have not tried the upgrade thing, I would presume that carries on but I don’t know.

The followers are already earnt from what I remember. So they are ready to go.

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Lame… leveling followers is painfully slow. Guess I’ll buy a 10k XP tome before I hit the 200k cap. :expressionless:

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I think I only ever maxed them with the Venthyr and they were so weak but it was my main covennant at the start of the expansion.


They changed the 10k XP token off 10k Anima to a one time use to raise a follower to level 30…


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