(A) FFS - 9/9 AQ40 LFM Raiders


Friendly Fire Squad (Formerly knowns as Hydraxian Guildless Guild Raiding Community, or HGGRC for short.) Is recruiting able bodied players to continue tackling AQ40 in preparation for naxxramas!

We are currently 9/9 in AQ40 and aim to fill out the roster with a couple more members to ensure the transition to phase 6 is as smooth as possible.

Our current vacancies are;
2 Healing priests
2 Warlocks
3 Mages

We raid Aq40 on Sundays at 20:00 Every week and will also start raiding on Wednesdays at 20:30 come Naxxramas.

Our Raiding community also offers non mandatory content which includes;
BWL pugs
MC binding runs
AQ20 runs
ZG idol runs
And more!

If you’re interested in joining a raid that prides itself on finding the right balance between fun and focus join FFS today and swear at the hunters killing you to improve their parses…Reply here on the forum if you’re interested or send a message to Gubblebum#8519 on discord.

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