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Is recruiting for our Burning Crusade raiding!

About us:
We’re a guild of friends that was formed in the early days of Legion on retail and have raided on there ever since, and are now hopping onto the TBC raiding scene where some of us have experienced all before and some are going to go through it for the first time! We focus on having a great, enjoyable raiding atmosphere while wanting to clear the content as quickly as possible.

Our plans & Schedule
Our raid days are Mondays and Tuesdays at 20:00 - 24:00 for Tier 5, in P1 we only made use of the Tuesday Raid evening to clear Gruul, Mag and our two groups of Karazhan. We’d like to give ourselves an extra four hour a week to clear for SSC+TK while still having to return and kill Gruul. Our plans are to go back to clearing all content in one raid evening, but until then we’ll use both Monday and Tuesday evenings. We’ve now cleared all of T5 and clear both raids in under 3 hours. With an optional alt/pug raid also forming to clear T5.

The officers and myself will be distributing loot as a council, we pride ourselves on being fair and reward effort put in, by our players.

What we’re looking for
We know there aren’t many accurate metrics to look at for classic to see how great a player is, so therefor we’re looking for polite, team-minded individuals that would fit in our raiding environment, players that want to have a good time while clearing the content week in and week out.

Currently Recruiting

Holy Paladin

Any exceptional app will be considered!

Apply in the link below

Still looking for a Holy Paladin!

Updated currently recruiting list:

Holy paladin.
Warlock, Destro or affli

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