[A] Firemaw-EU <Puff Puff Pass>

Who are we?

Puff Puff Pass ( late night raiding) 10/10

is a newly formed Guild (Founded by experienced competitive 1#EU players) that strives to clear all content consistently in a friendly environment. We are an SR based guild and will always be as transparent as possible when it comes to priority’s on loot. We are not a speed running guild anymore but basic requirements are: work for your bis, enchants, gems, bring consumes, do not be a raidlogger and bring a good attitude. We consistently work to improve our team and our clear times. While we push towards our goals and ambitions, we will grow a great community and strong friendships along the way.

In TBC we consider ourselves to be semi-hardcore, which means that we want people to strive to become and perform better between each raid. But we are not aiming for server 1st etc.


We are currently in need of the classes/specs below:

  1x Hunter
  1x Enh shaman

Raid information

- Current progress = 10/10
- SR loot system.
- Signup system.
- Late night raiding. Thursday/Monday 21:30-00:30

Expected of you:

- You should know your class/role.
- You should have a high attendancy.
- You should not be a raid logger, we want active people.
- You should come prepared to raids with the right spec and consumables.
- Be able to take some banter

Have any questions?
Hit any of our officers up on discord or ingame : Suprido#2016 or Suprído ingame.

First SSC run on Firemaw and we clear 6/6, Monday TK will be 4/4. Still few spots open for grabs in our roster.

  • Hunter
    • Warlock
    • Druids (Resto)
    • Shaman (Enh/Resto)
    • Priest (Shadow)

Upp! Need hunter and enh shaman. 10/10

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