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About flatline
We are an English speaking, weekend raiding guild. We formed during SL, looking to create a relaxed raid environment whilst still progressing as far as possible. CN was our first raid tier and after we achieved 10/10 hc we went through some roster changes and had to rebuild, which seems all too common for guilds this expansion. After the rebuild we achieved a respectable 3/10M and now have a stable team. The goal is to get curve each tier and then push as deep into Mythic as possible, with an eye on building a raid team which keeps it light while killing bosses. Our focus is on maintaining our very positive raid atmosphere where people can have fun and relax in downtime, and where we keep criticism constructive rather than toxic. If you want to join a guild with a strong, active core and a dedicated leadership team who are focused on building a guild which can last then we might be for you!
We are currently recruiting a few more people to fill in some spots and keep our raidteam strong.

current progression:
10/10hc 2/10M

Raid days:
Saturday 21:00-00:00 server time/Sunday 20:00-23:00 server time

People that we need:
-Easy-going people whose main goal is to achieve AOTC in upcoming raids and casually progress Mythic raid difficulty while having fun without much pressure.
-Regular and systematic players, we do not require attendance, but we aim to create solid and regular raid group that will improve together over time.

Roles that we need:

  • 2 Healers
  • 3 DPS

allitia - Nemo#2428

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