[A] < Flex Entertainment > Recruiting For Our Ulduar 25 Team!

< Flex Entertainment > are recruiting for our 25 man core raid team!

If you’re looking for a chilled out, laid back raiding atmosphere with like minded people who enjoy having a laugh but still clearing content efficiantly at all levels then we’re the guild for you!

Naxx 10 & 25 Cleared + Glory of The Raider 10 & 25
10 Man - 2 x Teams - 8/14
25 Man - First Ulduar 25 Run Tomorrow :slight_smile:

We raid Thursdays & Sundays 20.00 - 23.00 (ST)

All phase 1 content is on farm and we are now progressing into Ulduar.

We’re activley looking for the following classes for our core 25 man raid team to take on Ulduar Hardmodes but all exceptional players will be considered!

  • 1 x Healer
  • Rogue
  • Hunter
  • Feral DPS
  • Warlock
  • Enhancement Shaman

If Flex sounds like the place for you then whisper me in game or add me on battlenet for more info! Auldrin#21620


Just wanna put out my interest in joining, currently returning player so my hunter is only 76 atm. But if you still need a hunter in the coming weeks I’ll absolutely be interested.

Add my battle tag and we can have a chat :slight_smile: Auldrin#21620

Still looking for 2 x Ranged DPS for our core team!

hey auldrin are you guys stil looking for healers?

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