<A> Fluxx <A>

Fluxx is currently looking for more player to join their ranks to build a team to hit Molten core and the following raids once we hit Max level. We aim to be a drama free guild with by outlining the plan with the team from the word go. We have our two Main tanks in place and are looking at filling the rest of the raid roster from there.

The Main tank Lemmyx will be awarded the First bindings that drop as he will be the main tank and we want the first Leggo that we get to benefit the whole raiding team. Loot will be control through a council (Class leaders and Officers and random members of the raid) This way we will have a good selection of knowledge and fairness in that process.

Sulfuras is still open for discussion and will will announce the plan for it once we have all class leaders in place.

Want anymore information on us please contact Nuubie or any of the officer/class leaders.

Kind Regards
GM Of Fluxx