[A]<Fresh>[Battle of Dazar'alor 7/9 NM, Uldir 8/8 HC, 2/8 M] Recruiting


Hello ! We are Fresh EU Silvermoon (Battle of Dazar’alor 7/9 NM, Uldir 8/8 HC, 2/8 M) and we are recruiting new members for our guild! We are currently looking for all types of people, casual, raiders, socials. We are primarily a raiding guild, but we also run other fun events, a lot of mythic+, achievement runs and mount runs!

When it comes to raiding however we are looking for a few specific roles to finish off our roster for Battle of Dazar’alor.

We are looking for:

Healers - We currently are looking for healers for the raid group. We would love a Restoration Shaman, a Holy Pally and a Disc/Holy Priest to fill out our roster.

Dps - Currently, for ranged dps We are looking for a Ele Shaman, Shadow Priest and a Boomie For Melee we are looking for a Retri Pally, Havoc DH, Fury/Arms Warrior and a Enhance Shaman

Tanks - We aren’t currently looking for main spec tanks but are happy to accept offspec tanks.

Also any class Mythic+ tanks are welcome!

Raid times :


There is a possibility Fri could change to a Sun.

Requirements for Battle of Dazar’alor raiding

Must be at least 370+
Must have 30+ Azerite Neck
Must have a working discord and headset.
Please have either Big Wigs or DBM to help with mechanics.
We will provide cauldrons and feast when we have the materials, but please make sure you have some of your own just in case.
Everything must be enchanted or socketed on raid days and you must have tomes, etc for yourself.

Age: 18+ Please, we like to have good fun and NSFW humor :slight_smile:

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