[A] Fresh PVE guild; "All the things" recruiting

Active but returning players are what we’re mainly looking for, all classes, all roles - making returning to PVE a greater experience. We have a discord server we’re looking forward to fill up, and in need for one more guild-officer to help organize. We’ll progress through the Shadowlands PVE content on various difficulty, making our current goal assembling a 10 man raid-team ready for Castle Nathria within December 21th, 2021.

Guild rules and requirements:
Age limited to +18.
Members are to be reliable, and behave decent and understanding.
Any intent to exploit the guild or its members will not be tolerated.

What classes are you looking for ?

All classes, for now

I have tank and rdps toons and also have a friend who is a healer.

Neat, then we’ll just need one more person to sign the guild charter and the guild is up and running. Seem you’ve been around since 2008 ish, even quite hardcore imo - how about your friend then?

Still need someone to sign the charter ?

I will be online today.

Yes, still need signatures. What’s the characters name on Bronzebeard/Aerie Peak?


Is there anything going to happen about this guild forming ?

Yes Ella, you and your friend are welcome to add me. Since my last post I’ve worked on a guild-document, to be shared between GM and the officers, and the disord server is currently being configured. You and your friend are welcome to add me ingame, and I’ll share the discord server to you guys. Though the guildname has been changed, I’ve been able to create it ingame - so it’s live :slight_smile:

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