[A] <Frostwhisper Seniors> - [Semi-HC] & [PvE/PvP] - Recruiting!

MC 10/10
Ony 1/1

Current Raid Time: Sunday 19:00 - 22:00 / Wednesday 20:00-20:30

We are a group of Vanilla players who all came back together for Classic. Most of us have already cleared all Vanilla content. We were the strongest guild on our Vanilla server, and we plan to be right up there again.

We’re now recruiting to get a full guild raid. Therefore, we still need a few members! If you’re looking for a guild that aims to clear all content, then Frostwhisper Seniors is for you.

The Guild
•Experienced: An already experienced, skilled core of players, but open to players who are willing to learn and grow with us.
•Friendly & Mature: We aim to keep things friendly in the guild, but there will be some adult humour/jokes too!
•Fair: We will employ a DKP looting system and intend to keep the guild fair at all times.
•PvP: We have a lot of ex r14 players in the guild, so as you can imagine we also enjoy a lot of PvP. Expect lots of PvP groups on non-raiding days.

•Skill level: You don’t need to be “pro”, but we want solid players who have what it takes to clear all the content without too many hiccups.
•Active: We only plan to raid 1/2 days a week, time is TBC. However, this may (or probably) will change as more content releases.
•Mature: Many of us played in Vanilla, and therefore, as we jokingly call ourselves, are mostly “Seniors”, however anyone is welcome if they’re mature!
•Social: Once again, you don’t need to be the most social person. However, we do expect you to join our discord, have a microphone and engage with the guild.
•Experience: It’s a big bonus if you’ve already raided before (especially in Vanilla). If we’re full on a class and you have a lot of experience, get in touch anyway and we can chat.

Classes needed
•1 Holy Paladin (experienced)
•1 Resto Druid(experienced)
•1 Holy Priest(experienced)
•1 Hunter(experienced)
•1 Warlock(experienced)

Preferably, message on Discord @ Mojoz#4920

Alternatively, message me or an officer in-game @ Kusimeka, Dracun, Synai or Wassy.

I played on Frostwhisper Alliance (Guild: Eclipse) with Aargoth in vanilla-wotlk. Met some of you ingame. It’s nice to see you on the realm! Good luck with recruiting!

Ah good to see another oldie here! Good luck to you as well! :smiley:

Looking for more to join our raid roster!