[A] <Fruit Salad> Recruiting!

Fruit Salad is currently recruiting for it’s main raid team.

We’re a driven raiding guild that farms BWL in 1 hour and MC, Ony weekly! As well as multiple ZG’s in preparation for future content.

Who is Fruit Salad For?

This is for you if…
:white_check_mark: You want to clear all current and future content
:white_check_mark: You can commit to raiding on Sundays 1900-2300pm ST
:white_check_mark: You are willing to listen and learn
:white_check_mark: You want gear progression
:white_check_mark: You want to be in an environment with focused yet still friendly people

This is NOT for you if…
:x: You want a super serious hardcore raiding guild that requires flasks every raid
:x: You want competitive speed runs
:x: You want a DKP loot system
:x: You want server first kills

Current class demand:
1 Fury Warrior
1 Rogue
1 Holy Paladin
1 Hunter

All applications regardless of class will be taken into consideration and if we feel you’d be a good fit for Fruit Salad, we’ll dicuss the potential options moving forwards.

Any further questions please message me in-game @ Kilbride

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