A Further Update to Mythic Keystones in 9.0.5

They did? Can u share a link cause there are many ppl wondering about this :slight_smile:

I like the way it is currently in the game.

I don’t usually push anything higher than a 15, for the weekly chest.
Having a “season best” has actually made me want to push higher keys because its rewarding to unlock higher keys for the rest of the season.

Limiting this to just the previous week, just nerfs that reward, which I find to be an unnecessary change. I feel like after I have got keystone master each season, I’ll just stop m+, because there’s nothing more to get from it at that point. Can’t be bothered being forced to keep it up every week. Not even the max item lvl from valor points is high enough to be an upgrade for any gear.


But why? People are already awarded for clean, efficient runs by keystone upgrades and twice the loot. The key depletion system is already punishing enough. If I start the week with a fifteen key, and I **** it up even just by two seconds, by one mistake at a hard boss, there goes my chance to get a notch in the KSM achievement for the week perhaps, as my time to play is very limited. Why punish it further by depleting my stone for next week as well.

This week I got lucky. I got two good hunters from my guild to join me in Sanguine 14, along with a healer that kept standing in things he should not and a meh dps. Timed it and got an “easy” Mist 15.

Mistakes were made. A group was body pulled by one of the dpsers. That was enough to cost us time and screw up our route. Got a prideful at a terrible time in the maze and wiped. Spent more than two minutes after the wipe to get the pride to reset. Even with a very speedy clear towards the last boss it was not enough. Instead of getting a 16 and saving this week and next, we got a deplete screwing up this week and next. Such are the margins for many of us. The punishment is already too severe.

Why make it worse.


Good change, now can you please make it so the Valor system actually allows us to get 226 upgrades? Doens’t matter if it requires all 20’s timed or whatever, just allow M+ pusher the possibility to keep their gear on par with PvP’ers, doesnt seem like asking too much really. Making a system that completely mimics the function of Conquest points with the added difficulty of having to drop the item instead of just buying it is already bad enough, having it arbitrarily cap at a lower item level for no apparent reason is just trolling, really.


you get what you completed, that was hard blizz realy realy hard. A good change so :wink:

Thank you, this is a great compromise :tada:

Cancelled my sub as feedback.

Well duh valor unlocked is per character, that wasn’t what I was saying, I wanna know if the ilvl cap of 220 unlocked with KSM is account wide or not, there hasn’t been a single official statement about that.

I’m very much not an average player lol, I’m already gearing my 4th 60 and got a few characters between 50 and 58 to level up.

WoW players really do have Stockholm syndrome.

Blizzard introduced some terrible change, people rage, blizzard tones it down (but it’s still a minus) and people call it “good compromise”.

Compromise to what?
That is like calling a “good compromise” between getting kicked in the nuts and getting kicked in the nuts with a slap in the face.

protip: both are bad and only full revert of revert is acceptable.


a lot of words
in actuality nothing changed for better
people praise it while there is nothing to praise it for

Typical Blizzard. Typical WoW players.

No it really isn’t. That’s just the thing, if you time your key EVERY week we won’t punish you. If you dont, though, if you DARE to go on vacation, then we will f… you up royally - just because we can, and we expect you to LOVE IT!

Think of it also in this way. In this new system you’ll have to constantly factor in if the group can time the key. If it can’t you’ll be even more incentivised to quit the group and invest that time into a new key. So again, the brave key holder who offered the key gets punished - not just once, but twice!

And thats a very good systen. Vault was already superior to trash system TF was and now its perfect for me. You can make one +15 cause lqck of time or will to do this and you will still get 15 next week. Nice.

It won’t be account wide. Why would it? It isn’t the case in PvP after all.

You timing all 15s in one char does not mean you should get 220 access on an alt in the same way me picking a fotm class for 2s and getting glad does not mean my fresh ding war can get 226 pieces by casually farming RBGs in the lowest bracket.

If you want high gear on a char, the char themself must do the content. This has always been the case except for catch up gear. Anyone who believes otherwise is being naive in my opinion. I get KSM is a big Achi and all, but in no way should it give you a ticket for geared Alts for the patch through just grinding minimal currency because this is not the case in any other gearing system.

Not to mention it will kill key climbing if everyone who has KSM no longer has a reason to climb keys on Alts. They’ll just do GV key and then farm VP in ezmode 2s if they don’t need to earn the Achi themselves which will depress amounts of keys being run for those still looking to earn KSM first time around.

Totally fair if it’s char specific in my eyes unless they implement similar alt friendly gearing paths for Alts in PvP and raiding.

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It’s the most asked question regarding Valor and so far all I’ve seen is speculation.

Yes it’s logical to presume that the account wide achievement will count for all as it’s a meta but we have not seen that confirmed by Blizz.

Icy veins simlarly speculated they expect it to work this way but we just don’t know.

Pretty much this

I’m slowly working my way to KSM doing one key per week so I very much approve this change.

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What people don’t realize is that blizzard is using a basic government strategy when increasing tax.

First announcement:

  • We decided to increase income tax by 25% starting January.
  • People are outraged and start revolting

Second announcement:

  • We feel like 25% wasn’t fair to our beloved people so we’ve taken your feedback into consideration and decided to take it down to 10%
  • The people rejoice and praise them

When all along their intention was to only increase tax by 10%.

The people are happy for being screwed, and the government got what it wanted :slight_smile:

I’ll just quote myself from another thread about this;

While the change might seem good i still think that 9.0 system was better and more player friendly.

So has this change never been implemented or has it been reverted? I’m pretty sure it worked for me this way last week (received a 15 after timing a 15 two weeks ago) but this week I received a 14 after timing 15s again last week.

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