A Further Update to Mythic Keystones in 9.0.5

One of our goals in 9.0.5 has been to address a situation we introduced in Shadowlands with Mythic Keystones never de-leveling. We received a great deal of feedback on our planned adjustment, which is currently outlined in the 9.0.5 patch notes. With this proposed change, we would reintroduce an awkward dynamic where it wouldn’t be possible to sustain running a single Mythic Keystone dungeon per week, even if you always cleared the dungeon in time, because decay would necessitate re-leveling your keys every other week.

When we created the original logic for Mythic Keystones in 2016, we wanted to make sure that players were getting Keystones that appropriately suited their proficiency in Mythic Keystone dungeons, and we wanted to reinforce the importance of clean and well-executed dungeon runs. Having Keystones decay from one week to the next accomplished both of those goals. However, in Shadowlands, we introduced the Great Vault and more Season-driven tracking of performance in Mythic Keystone dungeons, and we unintentionally disabled the logic for de-leveling Keystones, but the reasons for the original design still apply.

We feel that the game should compensate players who consistently succeed at a certain difficulty by giving them keys that start at that level the following week, so we’re working on an update to 9.0.5 that should alleviate that concern while still satisfying the goals of the original system:

  • In a given week, if you finish a Mythic Keystone dungeon in time, the next week’s Great Vault will contain a Keystone of that same level.

So, for example, if your highest Mythic Keystone completion during week one is a +15 that you completed in time, you will get another +15 Keystone from the Great Vault to start week two. If you run that +15 during week two and fail to meet the timer, however, and complete no other +15 (or higher) Mythic Keystone dungeons the rest of week two, you will receive a +14 Keystone from the Great Vault to start week three.

Thank you for your feedback and understanding.


Very good change.

I just talked about this with my friends a month ago as it was super boring to relevel the keys every week.

Tyty :slight_smile:


LFG for m+ when?

It’s kind of impressive how you skim through countless posts, topics and videos people make about mythic+ and their issues.

From affixes being severely range favored to countless posts about too much RNG in loot and wanting a targeted gearing…

Yet what you come up with has nothing to do with most, if not all those complaints.

you make a valor that’s RNG as well, only slightly less RNG. But with 10 times more hassle. You create this change that may or may not be nice, but skipped through so much.

It gives me the feeling that you guys haven’t changed much. You’re overly obsessed with dictating gameplay to players and demanding them to play exactly the way you want them to play which won’t end well.

This whole concept of RNG you’re building and enjoying won’t make people happy forever. PVP vendor actually showed the path of progression and now players are reminded of how fun it is to progress towards what you want and not be at the mercy of a random lottery machine giving you what you hope every week.

You guys really need to sort your Sh%t.

At this point, I don’t know why you’re even thanking us for our feedback. Thanking us for what feedback? The one you ignore?


What the hell is this. Oh my god.

People who even once completed +15 in season are suddenly no longer worth 15 after taking a 2 week break?

All I hear is “not intended”, “we do what makes sense”.
How about stop being obsessed about buzzwrods that literally nobody cares about and start focusing on “what is fun” instead?

It absolutely boggles my mind that this “fix” took the time (surely it wasn’t zero) that would be much better spent of making game even a bit more fun.

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They probably get their stats of what people FALL for, … from the BET SPORTS industry. Where all those “players” are happy with a crazy RNG change with minimal chance of succes.

But #Blizzard, WoW players have higher IQs and don’t fall for “maybe this time I will win the lotto/bet ticket”. The CASINO/BET PROVIDER/LOTTO PROVIDER always wins. We don’t want to BET or play lotto, we want to PLAY fun VIDEOGAMES.

give #soloqueue

This is definitely a much better change. Way way way way way better.
Not all player feedback is bad, sometimes you really should listen and act upon stuff proactively. Good going blizz.

RNG has nothing to do with M+ problems, you are just trying to sneak your unrelated theory about rng.

And wow never had casino systems up until weekly bingo lottery that is the only system you can actually lose.

And we still don’t know if the KSM achievement counts for all our characters with ilvl of valor items.

That would be a really useful thing.

So probably no.

Why would you even change a system that works??

Go fix conduit energy and covenant balance.


Maybe try making the game more fun instead of forcing us to do more work just so we will stick around for another week.

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Holy cow if that works out I’m going to have to implement that in management too.

Imagine you can tell people the following in your returning one-one meetings:

“Hey man, I’m a big fan of ‘whatever you do’ and you know the policy around here, if you do well you won’t get slapped in the face. So well done indeed, now let’s talk about that vacation you wanted…”

“Yes, can I have that”

“Sure you can, everyone deserves some time off. Just remember, once you come back here I’ll personally slap you in the face if you go for one week, and if you want those three weeks it’ll no longer just be a slap in the face - you’ll probably require restorative surgery afterwards. But hey you know, company policy designed to keep you happy!”

If you think that’s too morbid, then replace slaps with one week salary deduction and longer periods of vacation as, once you come back you get to work without pay for the same period. However, if people put up with this I think they prefer the slaps since they still have to eat…

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Yeah, not sure about this change at all.

I really kinda liked this minor improvement in SL. It made running keys on more than one character easier, or being able to take a break for a week able to happen.


Who even cares about this? This literally only helps people that got boosted.

That’s been in the game for as long as M+ existed, I really hope you haven’t been recruiting and looking for keys in Trade for 3 expansions?


I guess this is the acceptable middle ground for both devs and players :slight_smile:

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its one huge pointless wall of “we dont give a single … about what is fun in game anymore”

“you have to play the game like we / Ion wants” " we care only about hardcore playerbase - they are the only ones worth having fun in game" "dont you guys have pphones …erm skill ? buy few tokens and buy booosts "

this arrogance is the reason you lost 50% of playerbase in 2 months and why you will loose 1-2 milion more by the time 9.1 lands.

you dont care anymore about average joe player having fun in game . and that why wow is in such garbage state for years now.

instead focusing on lack of content , on class tunign being garbage , on lack of montivation to do anything do to low droprate/to low itlv of rewards blizzard is only focused on “Extending players metrics”

garbage game design.


it doesnt. they already confirmed it unlock of valor is character specific.

i suppose thats due to you “not being worth it” on other alts.

this feedback is crutial to their philosophy of SL - 90% of playerbase "is not worth " having fun in game . only hardcore playerbase "is worth " to have fun in game.

this is why there is no legacy buff, thats why droprates are garbage , thats why raids are overtuned .

because “Average players is not worth to play wow anymore”

they just confirmed with this post who they are aiming SL at. hardcore nolifers.

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its the standard PR formula

they dont care about our feedback.

they only care about our outrage because outrage is making people question if its worth playing game

feedback is boring , outrage makes people act.

act and quit game.

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