[A] -Fury of Redemption- 2 teams recruitment


1/9 Mythic and 6/9 Heroic after last nights raid.

Killers still looking for mainly ranged dps and Chillers are the same as previous post

(Calain) #22

Bit of a more in depth detail of what we are looking for.

Killers Team

Elemental Shaman
Shadow Priest
Balance Druid
Windwalker Monk

While the above are classes ideally required we would consider all applications, especially ranged dps currently

Chillers Team

As it is the casually minded raid team there is no set requirements and everyone would be considered, there is a possibility of a tank spot open as well

Looking for a Guild

Chillers team are 8/9 normal with an 8% wipe on Jaina and raid on Tuesdays and Thursdays
Killers team are 8/9heroic and 1/9 mythic, raiding on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Recruitment still open and can see above what we are looking for

(Calain) #24


Chillers team still looking for members with a tank spot open

Killers team 9/9 heroic 2/9 Mythic and looking for warlock, ele shaman, shadow priest, boomkin and there is a tank spot open for the right applicant.

Every application will be considered even outside the above classes

(Calain) #25


Chillers still open to any and all and working their way through heroic.

Killers now 3/9 Mythic and still looking for the above, all applicants would be considered though

(Calain) #26


Chillers open still for relaxed raiding.

Killers 4/9 Mythic and looking for:

But all applicants considered equally

(Dondarko) #27

Is this still going? I couldn’t find any officer online. Add me please Darko#2375.


Hello. I’m looking for a guild that is both fun/social and raids hc content. How strict are your mythic raids (or raid team in general), do you only take fotm classes/specs? I like raiding but playing what I want is more important for me. I play almost all classes, but I don’t chage spec according to what’s fotm.

My current guild is dead outside of raid times, most of the time I’m online alone, so big/social/fun guild that also raids is what I seek.