A <Geriatric Ward> recruiting. Make a new friend!

(Galtavok) #1

What we are looking for
You are a social and chatty person with a serious WoW-addiction, and you want to meet and get to know new people. You are probably 30+ years old, as most of the current members are between 30-50.

We take the social aspect seriously so we expect you to help us fill /g with green text and we expect you to want to make new friends.

What we offer

  • A friendly, relaxed and chatty atmosphere
  • A place to make new friends to enjoy the game with
  • No pressure
  • An active guild chat with fun banter
  • ad hoc group content - dungeons, questing, BGs when they are released, etc - Group content happens when and to the extent that ppl online want it to. We don’t require you to be online certain hours on certain nights and we dont schedule anything.

How to apply
Contact us in-game: Freiun (Gwydon#1630), Toca (Tollen#2636), Natch (Snéek#2326), Aleheart (Galtavok#2521).

More about the guild

  • We want to create a unique social and friendly atmosphere where you feel that you log on to WoW to meet your friends (or get to know a new friend).
  • We aim to be a closely-knit comunity, and this means that we will be a small guild. We see no point in mass-recruitment and having 500 members who never speak to eachother.
  • Play the game your way. We all pay to play and are free to enjoy the game as we like. There will be no pressure, no requirements and no obligations. As such, we will not be a hardcore guild in any specific part of the game - but we will provide a casual and comfy atmosphere with knowledgeable people where you can try all parts of the game together with friends.
  • We have played the game since Vanilla and like to share knowledge and help out where we can.

[A-Social Guild] <The Silver Order>

Come join the fun!

Last week we did guild runs of BRD, Dire Maul - and Deadmines with a bunch of alts!


We still want to get to know more friendly people in our merry bunch! Ping anyone of us online or add our bnet tags. :slight_smile: