[A] <GLHF> Heroic Weekend Raiding Guild LF DPS

GLHF are an 18+ Heroic weekend raiding guild that aims to get Curve every tier in a timely manner, though remaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere within the raid team and guild while doing so. We raid Saturday and Sunday from 20:00 (8 PM ) to 23:00 (11 PM) Server Time every week. We also put up two weekly Mythic+ events that everyone from the guild can join to either get their weekly chest (helps a lot with raid progress and is recommended) or just for fun!

Please read through https://glhflightbringer.enjin.com/rules before you whisper or put in an application!

So far this expansion we have managed a full clear Curve every raid, with a 12/12 Heroic Ny’alotha.

Please continue reading through the post for info you will need to know.

Looking for
While we are a casual guild, we still do have our standards in order to make sure we have a raid every weekend and to progress through Heroic steadily - not too slow, not too fast.
► Reliable raiders in terms of sign ups, attendance (75%>), being on time & communication. We don’t want people missing 80% of the raids. People that want/can (to) only raid one day may apply as Casuals and only taken for farm bosses.
► Raiders who work on their Main (raid) character outside of the raids and Mythic+, to keep up with their Cloak & Heart of Azeroth level. We don’t wanna have people lagging behind like 20 item levels behind the rest or have to boost.
► Raiders that have a positive attitude, regardless if there were 50 wipes or similar.
► People who behave themselves in or outside of the guild, raid, party etc. chat and treat others with the respect they themselves would want to receive. Not everyone can always get along with each other, but constantly complaining about everyone is not gonna work in here.

From us, you can expect that we have a good, relaxed & social raid environment. We encourage talk between pulls, though we expect people to be serious when we have pulled a boss. We help provided we’re able to. Our Discord server is available for people to ask for things or to chat on, even if it isn’t voice chat.

Having a microphone to communicate with us during the raid or a Mythic+ is a big plus, though is not a requirement as long as you have a pair of headphones to listen with.

What do we need?



Healers and Tanks
Don’t bother applying. We’re completely full.

Exceptional applications always considered regardless of class, except healers/tanks (this is if you have logs!).

Please contact Tsumiki#21486 in Battlenet if you have any questions regarding the guild, the rules or applying. Please apply through glhflightbringer.enjin.com/joinus if you’re interested in joining us (and I will be in touch with you).

Please don’t wait until I message you - I am always online/reachable, just send me a message and I will reply.

We got N’zoth down, which was definitely not an easy feat! With 22 people, it required some practice.

We still need the following:

  • Mage (HIGHEST priority!)


  • Fury/Arms Warrior (HIGH priority!)
  • Windwalker Monk (HIGH priority!)

Please don’t apply with other ranged or melee classes unless you have exceptional logs but only apply with WarcraftLogs if so.

We’re still very much full on healers and tanks. An off spec tank for Mythic+ (still monk or warrior) is welcomed!

We’re 12/12 Heroic, with already 5 heroic N’zoth kills in. We’re almost reliably clearing the raid in one go, though since we want to keep things going, keep people engaged until Shadowlands and of course, keep a sense of ‘community’ going, we’ll be doing a bunch of stuff hopefully such as a BoD Mythic run which we extended this week and got 2 people the mount.

Of course as always we’re always open to Socials and Raiders, though we do have our set of rules/guidelines that Raiders but also socials in a way have to adhere to (as shown in the top post).

What are we looking for?


  • Mage (Highest Priority and also the only ranged class!)


Tanks and Healers
We’re both full on Healers and Tanks, main and off spec!

Please dont apply with other ranged or melee classes unless you have exceptional logs (only apply with WarcraftLogs in this case please!)

If you have any questions please look at our top post.

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