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[A] Good Game | Semi-Hardcore | Loot Council

History: Founded late into Vanilla where we achieved Naxx 13/15 in vanilla WoW. In TBC achieved Server firsts throughout, eventually closing of TBC with sub-world 40 with M’uru/KJ. WoTLK the Server firsts continued along with achieving Top 50 World kills throughout including Yogg-0.

The core of the guild, including this leadership moved into guilds such as Ensidia/Inner Sanctum/Apex, where we went on to achieve World Firsts and in more recent times secured multiple ‘Ahead of Curve Titles’. We have also been apart of 15/15 Naxx clearing guilds on Private Servers.

What you can expect:
-Pushing fast and efficient clears. -Split Runs
-Every 6-8 Weeks we run a ‘speed clear’ to try and set a guild/server record. Recently accomplishing a 55 minute clear.
-Raid hours will never be extended.
Currently recruiting:
Druid- High
Paladin- High
Warlock- High
DPS Warr- High
Mage- Medium
Priest- Medium
Rogue- Medium
Tank- Medium
Hunter- Medium

We offer two raiding roles:
Core Raider: Expected to have a 95%+ attendance, DM Buffs/Consumables/Ony Buff” and most importantly performing consistently with solid gameplay and high logs. A core raider has a higher weighting when it comes to loot, they will also have priority on raid invites for any speed clears/new content.
Raider: Attendance is expected to be at least 70% and the only consumables required are those specific to the boss which are outlined for you. Required to keep us informed on if you cannot attend a raid. I.e. with this rank you’ll be shown more leniency with not at all times using the maximum amounts of consumables, being fully buffed and enchanted.

Schedule: Raiding with 2x Split Raids of approximately 25-30 people on Thursday+Monday 19:30 - 22:30. (Usually, finish earlier). To apply Banoffee#6787 or in-game Banoffee or Megaleen


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