A good Hybrid


I want to main a Hybrid class, that I will use mostly as Healer in dungeons (Raids / Mythics later on) and as DPS spec while questing being in open world.

I have thought about either Monk or Shaman.
Which one (if any) would you recommend? Is one of them “easier / more forgiving” for inexperienced players? Or is there a more optimal Healer / DPS hybrid in the game?

Thanks alot for any reply and or tps :slight_smile:

DPS wise Monk is good, but as healer I’d recommend something else.

If you only want to heal and DPS, go Shaman.

People will be more likely to invite you due to Bloodlust.

Shaman has the most balanced DPS/Heal combo atm.

Shaman: Heal spec godly, Both DPS spec good.
Paladin: Both heal/dps specs suck, Tank spec godly.
Druid: Heal spec godly, Dps spec bad, Tank spec good.
Monk: DPS spec godly, heal spec often forgotten, Tank spec good.
Priest: Heal spec godly, dps spec meh.

As shaman you have an option to choose between melee and ranged dps spec. Monk only has melee dps, but in the end it comes down to preference of playstyles.

Highly depends on what you want to do. If you just want something chill for keys below 19, go monk. It does quite a lot of healing and venth mw is literally the easiest healing build, ww is very good and brew is alot of fun right now.

If you want to tryhard and get high dungeon score, you’re probably better off with shaman.

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