[A] Group of 4 (5/12M) looking for Late Night Mythic raiding guild

Our guild is disbanding sadly and we’re all looking for a new home. we mostly want a little more casual than to be a hardcore raiders. I, personally, value friendship in the game more than any progress but I do want to see where we could push as a guild.

All of us are on Silvermoon as Alliance, but we might be willing to move to Horde, depending on the group of people and progress. It’s a slim chance though.

We can raid from 22:30 ST and onwards. We have 5/12 M and would like something similar to that progression.

My guildies in this group are:
Ayavel (Me), 473 Balance druid, with healing offspec
Esmei, 474 Holy Paladin
Killjah, 475 Protection paladin, with dps offspec
Cataclyysm, 466 Fury warrior (New to the game and has no Mythic exp, but has curve this tier.)

Bnet: Screameh#21154