[A & H] Eager Player Seeking Casual Guild


I’m looking for a casual group of people to play with and maybe even make some friends.

I don’t care about the Guilds progress or skill level. The only thing I’m interested in is finding friendly people to play with. Basically, people who play the game to have fun and hang with buddies. The sort who understand that kicking a newbie making a mistake is just hurtful, and would rather show support and help others improve.

So that’s what I’m looking for. If anyone reads this, their next thought might be “Well what can you offer?”

I haven’t got any experience with Shadowlands Dungeons or Raids yet, as I’d rather try them with other casual players than deal with the rushed and toxic mentality of the group finder. But! I’m friendly, helpful and understanding. I have sixteen years experience of the game and can play to an average’ish level. I’ve been in guilds ranging from the most casual to hardcore. I currently have a Priest and Warrior just under 200 item level. And for the right group of friendly people I’m willing to devote my absolute loyalty!

Now, I also understand that casual/normal difficulty Guilds have become something of an endangered species these days, with most preferring to push Heroic content and beyond. For that reason I am willing to change Realms and Faction if necessary. If there’s a specific class you’d like I’m even willing to reroll entirely - I can hit sixty within a few days and get to near 200 item level in 1-2 weeks if you’re in a hurry to recruit. I’m also open to joining new Guilds and will work my booty off to help you get it off the ground.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I hope to find a comfy, friendly guild soon!

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Nothing really to add to this except, Great post!

Ive had an account on this game for a good few years and never played beyond level 30 (ish) because of the rarity of guilds like you describe.

If anyone is starting something similar to whats described here im sure there would be a good number of people interested in joining up!

Hi there. I run the type of guild you’ve just described. It was set up early 2007 and, for the majority of that time, I’ve been the guild leader.

We started out just as a levelling/questing guild, but these days we’ve expanded a little :stuck_out_tongue:

We now run two raid nights a week - currently concentrating on heroic, working on the last boss on a Wednesday, and an alt run/more casual run on a Friday which is heroic from the first bosses. When the new raid comes out, we’ll be going back to running it in Normal, before progressing into Heroic, eventually. Normally at that point, for some time, we’ll be running both the heroic and the normal raids each week.

Now … that makes us sound like we’re quite organised and like we kinda clear stuff regularly … but we don’t :stuck_out_tongue: We don’t have any attendance or rank requirements for raids - basically if you reach the gear requirement, you can sign up. We take people, normally, on a first come, first served basis (depending on role - sometimes if we have a lot of healers or tanks, we will run a rota).

We have a few people who sometimes organise a “PvP Friday” - after our Friday raid they’ll go out and have a bit of a laugh in some BG’s or, if they’re feeling really brave, Arenas.

We have some organising “Mythic Monday”, where they have some low key, casual, slow M+ runs to help people learn tactics and get the confidence to go to the higher keys.

We also have a few who are starting to push the 15+ keys in Mythic +, with an active M+ discord channel where people organise groups.

Other than that … we’re a social, casual group of adults (18+), most of whom have families, jobs, real life issues, who just want to relax and play WoW for a while. We understand that real life comes first and that sometimes you just feel the urge to go kill some easy stuff rather than working on progression raid bosses.

We’re made up of altaholics, pet collectors, mount collectors and achievement chasers.

If you want to know more, check out our realm advert: [H]<Dark Wolves> Social, Casual Raiding & Mythic+

Thank you for the offer, Poisonenvy! I really appreciate it, and all the effort you took to explain your Guild. It sounds like a lovely team you’ve got there.

Unfortunately I’m really looking for somewhere I can join in and have fun with guild events, but I’m also really averse to the idea of Heroic Mode. I’m just hoping to enjoy some easy content with friends, ideally without an overload of mechanics.

Thank you again, I wish you and the other Dark Wolves the very best of luck! I shall continue my search.

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No worries at all - I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Just to explain a little more though … we’re not really “Heroic Mode” :stuck_out_tongue: And honestly … the difficulty level is just a mind set. If you’ve done LFR, and want something slightly more organised, then you’d do Normal raiding. Heroic raiding, for us at least, is basically Normal raiding, just with a different gear level requirement initially. The majority of Heroic fights are exactly the same as the Normal version of those fights … just stuff hits a bit harder and there’s occasionally one more tactic over Normal.

Just as an example … once you know the basics of a boss fight (dragons breath fire/have tail swishes, bosses often hit harder if you’re stood in front of them, sometimes you have to soak, fire is bad) then tactics basically just boil down to which of those basics apply, and how many. The majority of our explanations of tactics involve “adds die first, hit boss, don’t die”. Sometimes with the occasional “don’t stand in that/soak that”. And that applies to any level of raid.

Having said all that … no-one has to raid. We have lots of members that never raid. Quite a lot never even run dungeons either. Sometimes we just want to get those achievements ticked off, collect stuff, run old content for transmogs.

We do run some content that may push us a little … but it’s all done in baby steps and never anything more than we’re comfortable with, either as a guild, or individually.

If you want to simply see how we work, what the people are like, you’re welcome to join our discord - which is basically used as our guild chat when we’re not in-game … and sometimes a continuation of the chat from in-game.

Well heck. Why the devil not then! I’ll give it some serious thought and maybe roll a character on your realm and faction. I’ve very little experience playing Horde so it’ll be fun.

What sort of classes and specs could your Guild use the most? I’m quite happy to roll something entirely new.

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Horde is awesome :stuck_out_tongue: (Although I am a little biased!). To be honest, I’ve not really seen much from the alliance side to compare … I do have a few alliance characters, but they tend to take a back seat until things in WoW get quiet … and they don’t often seem to get that quiet!

I can see you’ve popped into our discord … so you’re welcome to join the madness there :stuck_out_tongue: