[A] <HAKKAR> Player LFGuild


Hello guys!!!

I returned to play from Cataclysm but my old guild has moved to another server but I don’t want spend money for move 3pg.

I’m looking for a new guild in HAKKAR server, Alliance side, social guild, no hardcore, because with 2 little daughters i can’t devote 100% myself to every guild call.
In general atm play from 21/22:00 to late night (not all days, but can try to find fixes days
If need my support, don’t promise).

I like PvE and PvP
Main Warrior Fury (atm 309item lvl)
Atm I’m interested about full equip of warfront plate set, but I’m on for all.

I hope to find a right guild, i do not speak English very well but have always played on Twilight and Hakkar with EU people without problem.
In the old guild, i was always aware of all the tactics needed to complete all raid bosses, i do not want to waste anybody’s time and money, let make you die for misunderstanding something.

Greetings from Italy and happy new year!:sunglasses:emphasized text