[A] HELLFIRE/ARATHOR <Exalted with Graveyard> We are looking to build our mythic raiding team!

Hi Guys!

We are a guild with core members all having KSM/curved and progressing on mythic raiding.

We are looking to build a complete mythic team ready for the next raid!

and always wanting to help push keys and earn KSM if needed

If this is of interest send me a message!


Hello, I am an officer in the guild, my main goal is to push mythic raid tiers and M+, other than that i enjoy doing old content for collectibles, such as transmogs and mounts, I’m looking forward to get to know new people that shares the same goals as me ! !


Another officer here, focused on mythic and challenge content.
I’m usually focused on semi-speedrunng KSM and using that to work toward mythic raiding. I used to run a lot of old content which can be useful if we’re running timewalking.

My completionism has lead me to focus more on time limited content lately.
I’m mainly tanking so PVP isn’t a real focus for me yet.

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