[A] Heroic raiding guild LF Applicants


Greetings fellow Azerothians,

I shall start with saying that we are ‘casual’ guild. Which is why it is most important that people have a relaxed attitude, can deal with some dark-witted humour and don’t take themselves too seriously! We care most about who we play with, not how much damage someone is doing. We have people from all walks of life in our guild but most are in between 20 and 35.
We recently changed guild leadership due to demanding real life situations. As such we are looking for a couple of people to bolster our numbers to help us alleviate some of the role issues we are facing.

What have we done?

Well, we are now at 9/9 Heroic and our main priority is getting those extra spots filled with kind and talented individuals to keep our raiding roster ready to hit the next major patch with maximum efficiency, and enjoyment.

What are we looking for?

All roles open for applications currently! Mostly looking for one tank, and dps. We could add another healer as well, but we couldn’t guarantee a full time healing spot.

What matters to us is that you are willing to listen and learn. We have a roster to raid with, but we are looking to recruit more people to allow some people to switch to a more preferred role.

Cross-realm trialing possible, for you to see what our group is like. And for our benefit as well, obviously.

When do we raid?

Wednesday and Sunday from 20:00 server time until 23:00.

Feel free to contact me ingame for a chat if you think this is the right guild for you! Hopefully hearing from some of you soon! :slight_smile:
Dominique#2146 or Aurohra / Caoímhe on Quel’Thalas.

Seeking casual friendly guild to start fresh