(A) HGGRC - We cleared BWL, but something is still missing

That something (or in this case, someone) missing may very well be you!

Good day my Hydraxian Warlords lovelies! HGGRC is searching for DPS (1x Warlock, 1x Rogue and 1x Hunter in particular but will consider other DPS classes if you are extra special!). We have cleared all Classic raids thus far, having slain Onyxia, conquered the Molten Core, and dethroned the King of Blackwing Lair. We currently raid BWL on Sundays and MC on Wednesdays. We are primarily looking for raiders that are experienced and geared but a good attitude and a willingness to put in the effort for the community plays an even bigger role in you fitting in. As we are currently a community, not a guild, you do not need to leave your current guild should you decide to raid with us. We do however offer a number of guilds to choose from should you be wanting a change! So if you are looking for a fun group of peeps that offer cookies and have a good benefits package, drop me a message in discord or in-game for a chat! :kissing_heart: .

The facts:

  • We currently raid BWL on Sundays and MC/Onyxia on Wednesdays.

  • We are looking to recruit a 1 x warlock, 1 x hunter and 1 x rogue, but other DPS classes are welcome to apply.

  • We appreciate that people have real lives and are understanding of any necessary AFKs for emergencies with kids, wife/husband/partner/cat aggro, stranger at the door wielding an axe…We won’t hate you for it!

  • We have both bindings

  • We have a comprehensive benefits package. We are willing to invest in our members because we take care of our people.

Message me, Millicent in-game or DM me on discord Kismat#9413 to apply and/or learn more about this progressive community. Oh, I forgot to mention: We have cookies. :heart:

Feel free to visit our website at https :// sites. google. com/view/hggrc/home (Can’t link the site so you will have to put that URL together!)

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