[A] Holy Paladin ilvl 212 9/10HC LF Curve or Mythic guild

I’m looking for an active guild with strong leadership, an experienced raid leader and activities outside of raiding too. My personal goals are to achieve curve and then more by progressing into Mythic.

My ideal schedule would be a weekday and a weekend day. Something Like Wednesday/Sunday. Evenings are best. 7-8pm ST start.

I’m currently in a guild that is in the midst of reshaping and my goals and theirs may not fully match. I’m willing to trial and discuss further on Discord or battlenet

Thekingchem#2811 battlenet
Thekingchem#4824 Discord

Hi There,

Were looking for an active Healer to join us. Chimera formed in 2005 and has a rich raiding history and were looking for a few new members to join our Mythic progress team. We are close to a Sire HC kill and 1/10M. I’ll ping you a Discord friend request to discuss further but we have 2 progress raids Weds/Fri 8-11pm st, then a Saturday afternoon farm raid 1430. We have an alt run on Sundays 1430 and have an active social / daytime population of players who keep the Guild busy at all hours.

Discord: Danray#0657
Battle.net: Danray#2466

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Hey superiority complex is looking for a few more members to finish the mythic roster. Currently 3/10 mythic we are a guild made out of previous CE raiders and friends. We are on horde though so that might discourage u a bit. If u want further information / talk let me know here or on :

Bnet: a4papier#2833
Discord: a4papier#3255

i just thought I’d add to this, as I bumped into it while making my own similar thread.

Seq is a fantastic holy pally and (before the guild went in a different direction away from raiding) healing officer, I am very jealous of whichever guild lands him! :3

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Hi Seq,

We could use you on our Sat team.

This is no longer necessary. Thank you