[A] Holy Paladin. LF Community or Guild for 5m/M+ or N/H fun

I’m a new (but old player), returned to the game to enjoy 8.3 after an incredibly long time away.
I logged onto the end of the 15th anniversary, levelled a few chars to 120 in AV, and really enjoyed healing again.

I now have a Holy Paladin, iLvl is 420ish, and I’m looking for a group of folks to play with a few times a week. I’m a fan of 5 man content, but have never played M+ before. I’d also like to do raiding, but I’m happy with Normal and eventually Heroic.

I’m also loving the horrific visions, and having people to run them with is key.

Would love it if there was a community you could recommend (as I’m one of the few folks in my guild since Vanilla), but I’d be ok with a switch to somewhere active :slight_smile:

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