[A] Honor Capped World PvP recruiting

Honor Capped-Outland-PvP™

Made in 2010/2011 Honor Capped has always had a place on Outland in the WPvP scene and PvP scene in general! As we celebrate our 10th year i want to ensure you that our presense is vital to defend the Alliance from the Horde rivals. We want to bring a sense of community spirit to every member that joins we feel Shadowlands has the potential to bring back the PvP community.

We feel this expansion will benifit us the most, Rewards from the warmode device has incouraged people to leave the cities and fight in the world!We have also made a community link for people who want to join us on other servers you now can take part in WPvP with us and general pvp events.

Teamspeak 3/Discord is required with a mic for RBGS and WPvP.We are a English speaking guild so we want people who can understand and communicate in English.We have always maintained a close core of people that love to socialize and chillax on teamspeak 3.This is very important for team work events such as WPvP ganking etc! Very important everyone gets to know each other.


Our WPVP is the highest possible standard we have created and developed our own tactics in VS other guilds in battles.As ever we WPvP most nights in defending or attacking.We have personally developed our own tactics that really does take our guild to another level.

We are looking for dedicated World PvPers for:

  • RBG’s
  • Arena
  • City Raids
  • Bg premades
  • Planned (20v20)(40v40)
  • Open combat
  • Fun events
  • Ganking
  • Tournaments
  • Death matches
  • Old PvE raids for transmog
  • Also to be a part of our outstanding PvP videos

All we require from you is:

  • Discord with a mic
  • Most importantly we want your mains,and the best character that you can play.
  • Take part in discussions and be social on TS3/discord and WoW voice coms
  • Outstanding PvP standards
  • Attend calendar events
  • Be aged 16 and over. You must be mature and respect others
  • Listen to Guild leaders and Officers
  • Be able to think for yourself, and come up with suggestions
  • Full PvP gear/ PVE gear with gems and enchants for your class and spec.

You tube channels!


Honor Capped community link

So if you are interested in us contact us ingame or on here!

Guild master: Destinite






With the highest regards

King Destinite.

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Honor Capped 4 ever.

I’ve been in this guild since the beginning of MoP, and I’ve enjoyed every guild event, world pvp, ganking, ect ect.

Guys honestly, join THE best world pvp guild on EU and experince it for yourself!

Here is a link to my personal funniest experience in this guild!

More Honor Capped videos on

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Back and feeling fresh for shadowlands!

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I think you mean


we have loads of people that have returned and i cannot blame them why miss out on the best WPvP guild ever…

Random bg groups each night! Discord social aspect!

Recruiting people who are 2k experience for RBGS!

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