[A] Hpal lf stable partner (s)


Up until now I’ve pretty much only been playing ret for fun with a friend of mine. Also did some lfg games as holy. Am now looking for stable partner (s) to improve with and climb rating in 2s and/or 3s. I am currently around 1.4 cr on this toon and around 1.5 cr on my horde rsham. I can still improve a lot and am willing to put the effort in.

I mostly play during daytime or early evening. Online pretty much every day. Am a chill person, I don’t tolerate toxicity or flaming. Constructive criticism is always a good thing obviously, am willing to take feedback. Prefer to play with voice. So if you want to have some fun in arena’s and improve together as a team hit me up! Might also be able to play rdruid in the near future.

Cheers :slight_smile:
Dyze #21673