[A] <I Lost Aggro On My Wife> 9/10M PVX - 2 Day Mythic Raiding Guild/Community]

PVE/PVP Guild [I Lost Aggro On My Wife] 9/10 M - is looking for new members. We look for people to fill our Mythic Raid roster.


We are a fairly new guild that was created back in BFA (25/07/20). Founders are a close group of friends that were looking for a guild during drought times. We couldn’t find an active guild with people that would actually talk in the guild chat. A guild that would feel like a community where you can talk every day and banter. We love to compete with others while having PVE/PVP events, some old achievement/transmog runs and PVP practice, wargames and duelling tournaments.

We are gamers but also workers and parents. We have members that are online the whole day or like me and my wife only 19.00 - 00.00 server time every day. Even with an incomplete roster, we managed to raid every week. We picked up few pugs and had very good progress where we killed the first 4 bosses on mythic fairly quick.

Raiding Goals:
At the moment we have one progression team which is 8/10M. Our raid roster is very good, however, we are looking for a few exceptional players for both teams to push for mythic progression. If you want to be considered for a spot in the raid you need to have some previous experience in raiding. Once you in, contact one of the Raid Leaders for more info.
Due to IRL, we lost people from our bench and we are looking for few exceptional players for our bench and potentially MAIN TEAM.

At the moment we are looking for a couple DPS for Mythic Sire and 9.1 progression. We need only 1-2 dps, preferably:
Affliction Warlock, Shadow priest, Unholy DK, Fire Mage.

If you are a dedicated raider that wants to have a nice guild to call home hit up one of our officers to get in. For the mythic team, we only accept people that are READY to raid. We are a big guild with many amazing members. All we ask of you is to show up and bring a good attitude

Raiding times:
Main Team MYTHIC progression team:
Wed & Sun - 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time. (3rd day only for Sire prog - Tuesday 20:00 server time

We have a bunch of people on discord daily. We play for fun, and a laugh but we are also dedicated players. We do transmogs and achievements run weekly.

All PVP events are on hold until 9.1 (or just before) - We aim to start regular RBG’s just before 9.1 patch.

We have plenty of people doing m+. Something for everyone: if you want to find some good players to just do a random key, join/form a team or just help others get their weekly.

Dedicated players can have banter while pushing themselves to progress in all content. We look for all kinds of people, but we like to joke and tease each other a lot. So we are mostly looking for 18+ members.
We have got people all over Europe, so all English speaking chaps are welcome! All you need is a sense of humour and discord.
If it sounds like your cup of tea, join our discord (h tt ps ://discord. g g /DUwH3kCY9C) and fill quick application form! It’s easy and straightforward. (spaces in the links)

You can check us on h tt ps : // guildsofwow. c om/i-lost-aggro-on-my-wife

Alternatively, if you have any questions, please contact us on discord for more info: Xenn#5120,

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