Who are we?
Immersion is one of the oldest raiding guilds on Shadowsong, dating back to Vanilla when we reformed from . We’ve maintained a pleasant guild atmosphere while actually managing to make some raid progress along the way.

What do we offer you?
(Hopefully) A pleasant raiding environment and occasional M+ groups. We’re all (fairly) mature people up to no good. While we do try to progress in raids, we tend to not take ourselves too seriously and thus raids are a hoot.

We strive to get [Ahead of the curve], other than that we just like to kill monsters and get shiny lewtz.

What do we expect from you?
Dedication, by which we don’t mean playing 24/7, though you’re free to do so, we all have lives to deal with. What we do mean is you sign up for raids, whether it’s progression or farm and show up when you do.

Self improvement, we don’t expect you to be the best of the best, but we like to see improvement. Ask for help, do M+ to improve yourself, do whatever is necesary to get ahead. We’re all human and make mistakes, the trick is not to keep making the same mistake.

Have a sense of humour. If your transmog mismatches, you will be made fun of. If you stand in fire too many times, you will be made fun of. The same goes for all of us. Be able to take a joke, it takes the edge off pleasant fights like G’Huun. Why does no one like G’Huun, anyway?

Raiding Schedule:
(All server times, GMT+1)
Wednesday 8:30-11:00 PM
Thursday 8:30-11:00 PM
Sunday 8:30-11:00 PM

Current openings:
BfA turned off a few people, so we’re recruiting all classes and roles at this point. That said, Shaman (Resto), Priest (Holy/Disc), Monk (Brewmaster), DK (blood) are high on our wish list.

How to contact
Whisper or send an ingame mail to:
-Árchangel or Punchinello
-Missclicks, Aetheria or Giving
We’ll get back to you ASAP

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