[A] Immortal Guardians looking to recruit for Dragonflight

IG is an old and well established, English speaking, raiding guild on the EU Aggramar/Hellscream server. The guild has a balanced roster of experienced players, but most importantly the players in guild are good people and nice to hang-out on-line with. The guild was formed way back in October 2005 and prides itself on how stable it is, and it’s fun, relaxed, atmosphere.

We are looking to add to our raid roster for Dragonflight. We will aim to clear normal mode initially moving on to heroic. We are not a Mythic raid guild. Our raid nights are currently Thursday and Friday evenings. Starting 8.30 till 11.30 server time. We shall also be running planned M+ nights.

We would like to extend a hand of friendship to any returning players who may have returned to find their guild is now inactive. Feel free to whisper me or any other officer in game for a chat. Btag Aid#2827 Wolf#2293 Storm#1446 or find us in the in game recruitment section in Communities.

If you are a small guild in a similar position to us that may struggle to get enough to form a raid and would like to team up for raiding then please feel free to discuss this with our Guild Leader Stormhammer. Btag Storm#1446.

Thanks for reading.
Aid xx

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